Don’t Drink the Maji Maji Part 2

However, there is a catch. There are important “keys” to unlock the door of success should we desire to enter. First, we must evaluate ourselves to be sure that we are not enslaved to anything outside of our own power. This means cutting out whatever is not conducive to our health, progression, or evolutionary advancement as a wise and balanced human being. Unhealthy habits, thought patterns, and relationships have got to go. Second, we must evaluate the motive and ultimate purpose of our goal. Should one desire to start a multi-level marketing scheme to get rich at the expense of others, how can it be a success? Even if the business makes millions, if humanity operates as a collective and people are harmed, then the person in question will also be harmed. We must base our success on the success of the whole if we wish for it to truly be effective and sustainable. For instance, opening a business that genuinely assists others in becoming successful business owners with collective societal gain in mind. We need more clothing stores, laundromats, restaurants, schools, and even tax preparers who operate out of honesty, with a smile. In short, we must consider the gain of all in our personal gain. Lastly, we must go through the process of attaining knowledge and skill in the desired area, as well as following proper protocol. Should one wish to open a bowling alley in his hometown, it will benefit him to visit the small business association, secure literature, attain a business license, hire an accountant, study marketing, and pay for local advertising. It will also be a necessity to attain the proper building and operating permits for the space. The pure desire is not enough; we must follow it up with work. Regardless of what we have heard from motivational gurus, the power of positive thinking is nothing without the power of positive doing.

In closing, each one of us can reach and exceed all of our life’s goals should we realize our power and follow these simple rules. It will take discipline, yes. It will take an immense drive to push past the many years of self-given obstacles. And it will take continued diligence throughout the years to build a “good idea” into a great manifestation. Do we expect anything less? Most of have enacted discipline to push through at least the first 9-12 years of school, even if we were grumbling all the way. We utilize our drive to create new meals, ways of managing our children, methods to stretch a dollar when the budget gets tight. And our diligence! Oh, our diligence! Forty or more hours every week of diligence – task in, task out – whether or not we are cursing out our boss in our heads the whole way long. We can and must use this same energy for our personal life purposes because we know, we wake up every day and know, that we must be here for a bigger reason than to live a life that we feel is not truly ours. In those private moments when we feel excuses or self-doubt creeping in again, let us extinguish it by chanting aloud, “No, I will not drink the maji maji!”


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